Bryant's project from 8/30/15

My 100% Tig welding pipe welding project for a high pressure system for work, and Tig welding flange to pipe. Every joint is ex-rayed after completion before I move to the next section. I've not failed ex-ray for any of my weld joints because I take pride in every single weld I perform. I get complements almost every day by independent CWIs that come in and inspect or welds because they say my welds look like they were done by a machine. I love what I do and I'm a true Perfectionist at my trade.
More August 30

  • D6fb64490877dca9e73edf36d475fd90
    My 100% penetration butt joint weld with 1/8 inch gap with purging gas. Walking the cup technique Tig process.
  • 53837740baae17e6dbe41ad54e1b9eff
    My 3/8" pipe to flange fillet weld. Tig process for a tight weave look.
  • 3fe2e910703a1dd7a020ef4bd4f98b55
    My 100% joint weld with a 1/8" gap with back up purge gas. Tig process.
  • Ea0a51e296cea5c7300ec4ef191b6e87
    My Tig welding cap pass.
  • 83fc57b0a8715ee6c33acb0b8ca82b61
    My Tig root pass on pipe to flange using the walk the cup technique fish scale pattern.
  • Ccb01770e05ac8822e56326c579b5b60
    My walking the cup soft look Tig process to achieve the millipede soft pattern.
  • 380dfb0868849af9a955afc9436e7838
    Me using the Tig process. Walking the cup to stack welds to produce a 1/2" weld . It has to be a 1/2" from throat to face of weld and also throat to toe has to be 1/2".
  • Beb8cdc1524c4237e53b917164bc0772
    Me making my root weld using the walking the cup Tig technique tight weave pattern.